Snyder CALIGA Midnight/Battle Red Adult Wrestling Shoes
Snyder CALIGA Midnight/Battle Red Adult Wrestling Shoes

Snyder CALIGA Midnight/Battle Red Adult Wrestling Shoes


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The Kyle Snyder CALIGA Midnight/Battle Red Adult Wrestling Shoes are Engineered for the elite.

CALIGA Wrestling shoes were made for wrestlers by wrestlers. They were designed specifically for an athletes foot even more specifically a wrestlers foot. Watch the video below to see the process the RUDIS team, along with Dan Richard, went through when creating the shoe.

The CALIGA is a boot that Roman soldiers wore in combat. These boots were designed to increase efficiency and reduce injuries. The SNYDER CALIGA is the most innovative and performance-based wrestling shoe on the market. In this sport, every single point matters, and RUDIS wrestling shoes are designed to deliver a critical edge over the competition.

When a warrior steps onto the battlefield, they should be equipped with every weapon needed to dominate the opposing force.

Most customers prefer a whole size up from standard shoe sizes.


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Snyder CALIGA Wrestling Shoes bring innovation to the mat. Building an elite wrestling shoe begins with intimately understanding the wrestler. All RUDIS wrestling shoes are designed using performance-based materials and technology from beyond the sport.

1. Pliable stretch knit upper with multi-directional zones for a tight, sock-like fit with a broken-in fit and step in feel

2. Two color, locking instep eyelet to create variable fit zones

3. Mobility stretch zones

4. Non-stretch, heat pressed lasting board with 3D ergonomic drive zones

5. Sonically fused non-stretch tip

6. Skived EVA heel lift Decoupled, expanding sole designed around wrestling drive zones

7. Decoupled, expanding sole designed around wrestling drive zones

Download Printable Foot Measuring Chart

6 reviews for Snyder CALIGA Midnight/Battle Red Adult Wrestling Shoes

  1. Ty

    Lived up to the hype, it’s a definite performance shoe. As soon as I took them out of the box they were ready to compete in. I am not sure how they did it but they are amazing. I did size up. Box was a surprise in a good way. Trying to get my mom to buy both colors.

  2. Bryan S.

    I was given a chance be a part of a test group and was asked to give a review the on fit and feel. To start, I love them. They feel like no other shoes I have ever worn. Completely broke in feel out of the box. The shoe felt like it sucked my foot in and there was no dead space. I would order a half size bigger in relation to other models.

  3. castelline.cody (verified owner)

    Right out of the shipping packaging, you feel like you just purchased a high-quality shoe, the box, tags, and packaging is the best wrestling shoe experience I’ve ever had, 5/5. A lot of companies suggest a half size bigger, but usually, their shoes fit true to size or big. The Cliga is an exception; This shoe fits like a true rubber glove. I suggest 1/2 size bigger if you wear Nike, Possibly full size bigger if you wear Adidas and Asics. Tried on and walked around the mat, pleased to say that these shoes don’t really need a break in. I’ve been through nearly every type of wrestling shoe, If I could best compare to what the shoe feels like; it would be a hybrid between aggressors, hypersweeps, and maybe a hint of Adidas 2008 adistar. The soles are soft (Not hard like a lot of other soles with grip) enough to get a great footing from every angle, but not too much grip to where you cant pivot or move your feet. Light, breathable, and from the looks and feel of them, durable. Companies like Adidas and Asics put a lot of new technology into their shoes. Some of its good, most of it is overkill and not really what a wrestler needs. This shoe design seems justifiable in every way.
    as of now, it’s 5/5. I’m injured right now and only got to move around instance, try out penetration simulations and pivots. But this will more than likely be in my top 5 competition shoes now.

  4. vbaker (verified owner)

    Yes, $165 is a bit pricey for a kid’s wrestling shoe, but they are sweet! My son said they are extremely comfortable, have great flexibility & grip, and look awesome. They look and feel different than any wrestling shoes I ever had. I doubt they will give him some incredible advantage over his competition, but if they make him feel special, that’s good enough for me. They feel well built, so hopefully they will hold up for the entire season. Frankly, if I didn’t already have a pair of wrestling shoes for coaching, I would buy a pair for myself.

  5. Foster1227 (verified owner)

    Recently ordered a pair for my son which had to be exchanged for a larger size. The customer service I received was second to none. My son loves the feel of the shoe. They are extremely light weight and comfortable. I’ll def be a return customer.

  6. landonkrohn77

    Shoes look bad boy, but alas big boy has big feet and they don’t have my size for any of there adults shoes kinda bummed because I was gonna cop a pair.

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