Sly Fox Covert Wrestling Singlet
Sly Fox Covert Wrestling Singlet
Sly Fox Covert Wrestling Gear Singlet

Sly Fox Covert Singlet


The Sly Fox Covert Singlet will have you dominating your opponent on the mat. This sleek black and gray singlet will give you the confidence to own the mat. Sly Fox is a signature line designed for athletes who see themselves as authentic, like Dave Schultz. He was respected by fans worldwide for his unique, authentic, and original approach to man’s oldest and greatest sport. RUDIS continues to evolve as a brand for that select athlete who pushes the limits of the human body and reaches deep within their soul to achieve their potential. Sly Fox is a top flight expression for this difficult to define group of people.

The Sly Fox Covert Singlet is the RUDIS extension of Dave Schultz’s unique and rare Way Of Life


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Product Specs:

  • Made from the highest grade of 100 % polyester spandex on the market
  • Reinforced flatlock stitching for comfort, style, and extra durability
  • Four-way stretch throughout
  • Printed, cut, and individually hand sewn in the United States


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