Sly Fox Classic Women’s Soft Shell Jacket



Sly Fox is a signature line designed for athletes who see themselves as authentic, like Dave Schultz. This premium RUDIS jacket fuses comfort and style. Jacket fits true to size and is the perfect compliment to any outfit. This lightweight, sleek material will make you sly as a fox.

Product Specs:

  • 90% polyester, 10% spandex
  • Fuses comfort and appearance
  • Lightweight and moisture wicking

Dave Schultz was respected by fans worldwide for his unique, authentic and original approach to man’s oldest and greatest sport. RUDIS continues to evolve as a brand for that select athlete who pushes the limits of the human body and reaches deep within their soul to achieve their potential.

Dave Schultz entered a hostile foreign land during the heart of the cold war and traveled to Russia over 30 times in his career. In spite of these events and the fact that he was “American”, the Soviet hosts and their fans could not help but pay homage to his greatness. They would yell “Khitry Lisa” (Kee-tra Lee-sa), or “Sly Fox” in admiration from the rafters. Cunning, calculating, decisive, and tactical, Dave Schultz embodied the “art” of wrestling.

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