RUDIS Omni-Impact (Black) Single Knee Pad



The RUDIS Wrestling Omni-Impact Knee Pad is extremely durable. Protection and comfort without the bulk. As well as, knit construction with unmatched comfort, fit & feel. Made with moisture-wicking material. 

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  • Wrapped Padding for Optimal Cushioning
  • Multi-Directional Stretch Fabric
  • Sleek Design Profile
  • Moisture-Wicking Material

RUDIS Omni-Impact Kneepad Adult/Youth Size Chart

1 review for RUDIS Omni-Impact (Black) Single Knee Pad

  1. jrerika (verified owner)

    These knee pads are really comfortable but they only last a month. Rudis did replace them twice but I’m tired of going through the return process every month. I blew out 4 knee pads in less than 1 season. They were great while they lasted but I need them to be durable enough to last the full season.

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