KS Brushed Fiber Snapback Hat



TheĀ KS Brushed Fiber Snapback Hat is a stylish hat that is sure to add a finishing touch to any outfit.

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Have a fearless attitude and relentless effort. Go beyond the call of duty. Outwork the competition. Believe in yourself.

Kyle Snyder embodies a champion’s mindset. The 2016 Wrestling Olympic Gold Medalist is a trailblazing athlete on the road to greatness. Deliver peak performance with comfort and durability with Kyle Snyder’s complete KS collection.

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  1. jennilynn6

    There are a few of these in my household as my kids LOVE Kyle – they have held up really well through lots of wear and the print on the hat itself is fantastic and hasn’t come apart at all. Very durable. Will definitely be buying more of this style when more colors come out!

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