red white and blue usa wrestling shoes
red white and blue usa wrestling shoes
kyle-sn yder-ks-infinity-rudis-wrestling-shoes-navy-red-white-blue

KS Infinity Navy/Ghost Adult Wrestling Shoes


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Built to withstand, support, and strengthen infinite power.

     • Omni-directional outsole for maximum traction

     • Laser cut, razor thin composite exoskeleton provides reinforced body and foot support

     • Mono mesh exterior throughout provides durability and a second protective skin

“POSITIVE INFINITY. It is limitless. It is a lifestyle. It is a mindset. In all circumstances there is a choice, we always choose positive.” – Kyle Snyder

KS Infinity is built to withstand, support, and strengthen infinite power. The omnidirectional outsole provides maximum traction and the laser-cut, razor-thin composite exoskeleton reinforces the body of the shoe and supports the foot. The mono mesh exterior throughout the body provides durability while acting as a second skin over the foot.

6 reviews for KS Infinity Navy/Ghost Adult Wrestling Shoes

  1. Leo

    I was lucky enough to get ahold of these early -watch out because these do fit different from last year. Last year I traded the 10.5’s in for 11’s and after being advised to stick to my actual size I’m super happy with the 10.5

  2. j.anderson2

    s/o rudis for letting me get these ahead of time. been wearing them everyday for a week and a half and have nothing bad to say but size is different from last year!! Recommend going up a half size instead of a whole.

  3. Tom

    Bought these for my son. He has great grip and says they’re the most comfortable pair he’s had yet

  4. geoff

    I spent the last few days testing these out, and they are very solid. I prefer a high-top shoe, and these have a similar feel to the Nike Inflicts. The fabric is soft, not plastic-feeling, and the soles have a great rubber to them, as opposed to, a plastic or slick feel. The sole provides great traction on any mat. Additionally, I love that the sole texture covers the entire bottom of the shoe. A lot of times a shoe will have a different texture within the bottom, but this shoe provides consitant traction throughout. The shoes are stitched very well, there’s no glued-on substance to them, so the quality is top-notch. The Rubis logo and Kyle’s signature are pressed in nicely, so they won’t peel either.
    My one critique of the shoe is the Snyder logo, which I would have preferred to be pressed-in or stitched rather than screen-printed on.

    Overall, I would give this shoe 9/10, and certainly worth the pricepoint because I believe these things have a lot of longevity in them.

  5. afelix2

    Rudis did a tremendous job of updating their new shoe line! I was wowed from the moment I saw how nice the shoebox was. They’re all you could want in a wrestling shoe! Comfortable, durable, fit, fresh and most importantly made by an honest company. I highly recommend getting these shoes for the season or a holiday gift. I am excited to see what designs come out in the future! These are one of my favorite shoes that have a wrestler’s name on it and I will be coming back for more. Keep up the good work Rudis!

  6. joslyn.keezer (verified owner)

    I bought these for my boyfriend as an early Christmas present, and he absolutely loves them. He was afraid he wouldn’t have enough time between the time he got them, and his next match, that they would be broken in, but to his surprise they did not need to be broken in. They are extremely comfortable, have amazing grip, and a compression fit with great ankle support. He was also scared the side he shoots with would be worn down easily, but that is not the case. He is completely in love with them, and I couldn’t be happier with them too. All his teammates love them as well. I definitely recommend these shoes. The only scare we had, was the sizing. He wears a 12 1/2 and they only come in 12 or 13. I got him a size 13, and we thought they would be slightly big but they worked out perfect. 10/10 love these! Definitely worth the price!!

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