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National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Perhaps no membership is more timeless or nostalgic than induction into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. Wrestling is the oldest and greatest sport. The National Wrestling Hall of Fame chronicles the history and excellence of those who have represented the sport in the most impactful way. It is a shrine that should be protected to the highest degree; after all, it is home to the story of wrestling.

RUDIS is proud to pay homage to such sacred ground.  For the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and its inductees, wrestling is A WAY OF LIFE.

Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club

Founded by Art Martori in 1976, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club was founded to provide resources and funding for our country’s Olympic Hopefuls. Since its foundation, the club has produced 30+ Club National Titles, 150+ US Open Champions, 60+ World Medalists, 15+ World Champions, and 8 Olympic Champions. Sunkist Kids celebrates 40 years of unwavering commitment to excellence, the quest for Olympic glory, and wrestling immortality.


Ohio RTC Wrestling

The Ohio RTC and RUDIS were both created and formed in the crucible that is wrestling. RUDIS is honored and proud to tell the story of the RTC through apparel. This establishment provides opportunities and resources for gold medal seeking athletes, and we are here to help fuel that vision. Through our co-branded apparel, we hope to elevate awareness and participation in this elite level training facility. Sacrifice, determination, community, A WAY OF LIFE.

New York USA Wrestling

New York Wrestling has long been a proving ground for all who seek to be the best at their craft. Those striving for greatness come to test their mettle. This excellence cannot be captured swiftly. There are no overnight success stories. The journey is painstaking. The reward is endless. New York has a long history of breeding champions in our great sport; from Banach, to McCoy, to Dake, to the many young gladiators looking to put their name among the legends. The Empire State’s tradition is one that few states can rival and the future is as bright as the big city lights.

For New York, wrestling isA WAY OF LIFE.


Pennsylvania RTC Wrestling

Forged in the shadow of the Liberty Bell, The Pennsylvania Regional Training Center (PRTC) rings in a new era for the world’s oldest and greatest sport of wrestling. Created through the unique collaboration of two of our nation’s premier universities, the PRTC has created a one-of-a-kind ecosystem for the elite athlete. Guided by Penn grad and 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist Brandon Slay, the PRTC fuses the resources of The University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University to provide an unparalleled training environment. The athletes who attend the PRTC will be positioned to realize their dreams of national and international success in wrestling and in life.

Ohio USA Wrestling


FCA Wrestling

As wrestlers, we know the struggles, triumphs, and community that is unique to the wrestling world. As followers of Christ, we know how closely our spiritual walk and desire to seek the heart of God parallels the training and desire to be a champion in the wrestling world. The mission of FCA Wrestling is to present coaches, athletes, and all whom they influence the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. CORE values propel FCA Wrestling to focus on Coaches, Olympic hopefuls, Resources, and Events. To learn more about the FCA Wrestling’s CORE values and how FCA Wrestling is bringing Christ to the wrestling community, visit . We believe that living out your faith – on or off the mat – is more than lip service, but ratherA WAY OF LIFE.

Rudis is proud to partner with FCA Wrestling – and honored that all the proceeds of FCA Wrestling apparel will directly support the FCA Wrestling ministry.

Iowa Hawkeyes Wrestling

In today’s culture, it is rare to encounter a person who expects the absolute best from themselves every day. It is far more rare to witness a group of committed athletes that share this standard together, as a team, for decades. This fierce commitment to excellence over a period of more than 40 years is what makes Iowa Wrestling arguably the most storied program in the history of college sports. In Iowa, winning is an expectation.

This standard did not happen by accident. Dan Gable took over the program in 1976 and quickly ascended the team to national prominence. Since that time, The University of Iowa Wrestling program has won 23 NCAA Team Titles, an astounding 34 Big Ten Team Titles, and has crowned 62 NCAA Individual Champions. During this time, no other collegiate wrestling program has come close to matching these staggering and remarkable results.

They have sold out arenas and packed football stadiums for years. The fervor and support for this program in the state of Iowa is embedded in their mainstream culture. In Iowa, wrestling is A WAY OF LIFE.


Ohio State Wrestling

THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY is arguably the most accomplished collegiate athletic department in the world. Ohio State embodies the consistency and standard of excellence that every great athlete expects from themselves. For over 100 years, regardless of sport, Ohio State has re-defined the landscape of athletic competition and raised the bar for all those who strive for athletic greatness. In March of 2015, the wrestling program won its first NCAA Wrestling Championship in St. Louis, MO. The program became one of only six different universities to win the event in the past 30 years. Through its’ officially licensed product line, RUDIS speaks to the “Way of Life” that is evident within the culture of Ohio State Athletics. This culture has been created by all of the people that have been a part of one of the most elite athletic institutions in the history of the world.

RUDIS is proud to offer officially licensed Ohio State University products geared towards the greatest athletes in the world. GO BUCKS!





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