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  • Isaiah Martínez + RUDIS


    Isaiah Martínez + RUDIS


“I’m proud to announce that RUDIS will be my apparel partner along my journey for World and Olympic gold. No other brand exemplifies the wrestling spirit better than RUDIS. It is great to work with a brand created by wrestlers for wrestlers.”

Wrestler Isaiah Martínez without a shirt on

In addition to his impressive collection of national titles and collegiate accolades, what may best define Martínez’s career thus far has been his audacious and gritty competition style. Fearless, his inclination for taking risks to dominate the field reflects RUDIS’ own bold values.

Wrestler Isaiah Martínez in a USA Impression short sleeve shirt
Wrestler Isaiah Martínez in a RUDIS Baseline short sleeve shirt

Born from wrestling and built for wrestling. RUDIS was created with a single vision in mind: be the most accurate and authentic expression of the sport through apparel. The core values of wrestling govern our every action and drive us to continually innovate, serve, and connect with those who love this sport.

Wrestler Isaiah Martínez in a RUDIS Recoil short sleeve shirt

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