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Dave Schultz

NCAA, National, & World Champ

Dave Schultz was on of the most decorated American wrestlers of all time

Honoring Dave

Proudly keeping the Schultz legacy alive with our signature Sly Fox line


Sly Fox Collection

Dave entered a hostile foreign land during the heart of the cold war, traveling to Russia over 30 times in his career. In spite of these events and the fact that he was “American”, the Soviet hosts and fans could not help but pay homage to greatness. They would yell “Khitryy Lis” (Kee-tra Lees), or “Sly Fox” in admiration from the rafters. What a fitting description of arguably the most iconic wrestler in the history of the sport. Cunning, calculating, decisive, and tactical, Dave Schultz embodied the “art” of wrestling.

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